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The second spring of geothermal energy in Italy

Italy has high geothermal potential, but exploits it very little. Incentives for green transition, however, could revolutionize the industry. A Bolzano company wants to build up to a hundred plants to decarbonize the peninsula When discussing geothermal energy in Italy, that is, the exploitation of underground heat for heating and electricity, discourses tend to veer […]
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A project to produce geothermal energy and “de-carbonize”

“Pangea” will produce the thermal power needed to heat 120,000 homes. Will feed hydroponic greenhouses and industrial zone An auger drills into the ground. It will reach as deep as 6,000 meters, where the subsurface temperature touches 150 degrees Celsius. The construction site in Ostellato, Ferrara, Italy. Here, in a couple of years, the first […]
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Zero-emission geothermal energy: Fri-El presents the Pangea project

Five questions to CEO Ernst Gostner about the project, economics of geothermal energy, Fri-El’s plans for Italy and wind power, photovoltaics and pumping, and permitting issues The Bolzano-based company Fri-El, which until now has mainly developed onshore wind power plants in Italy, has decided to focus on medium-enthalpy, zero-emission geothermal energy with its new Pangea […]
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Geothermal energy: with Pangea project over 100 possible installations in the Po Valley with reduction of 17 million tons of CO2

“Unfortunately, until now in Italy the role of geothermal energy has been held back by the regulatory environment.” A conference on geothermal energy and development opportunities is being held in Naples, organized by Atlantic Club of Naples at the University of Naples “Parthenope.” The work also includes that of Fri-El Geo, a developer of geothermal […]
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