Hi-tech greenhouses powered by a geothermal plant

FRI-EL GREEN HOUSE was founded in 2016 and operates in the hydroponic sector and is specialized in the cultivation of hydroponic tomatoes through hi-tech greenhouses.

Ostellato, the location of FRI-EL GREEN HOUSE, can be exploited through the construction of a geothermal plant to satisfy growing energy needs of the company.

Further studies carried out by FRI-EL’s team of engineers, together with a group of specialists dedicated to the geothermal sector, have shown that mid-enthalpy, closed-cycle (binary-cycle) geothermal plants would drastically improve energy needs, especially in Northern Italy.

Plant Metrics


geothermal wells

245* MWt

geothermal power

5.900 m

maximum depth

29,4 MWe

electrical power

140°-155° C

expected temperature

30 MWt

thermal power

*geothermal power = electrical power + thermal power

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Progress of the first rig

FRI-EL GEO conducted all the phases leading up to the start of drilling the first well. Drilling prognoses were made to simulate the different rock layers underneath the development area. The first well is currently at a depth of approximately 3,350 metres. The construction is scheduled to be completed in the year 2025.


Pangea: the road to a greener future

FRI-EL GEO leveraged its expertise and conducted extensive subsurface analysis of geothermal fluids, covering the entire Northern and Central Italy region, which is among the most polluted areas in Europe. The result of this effort was the identification of over 100 potential sites suitable for mid-enthalpy, closed-cycle (binary-cycle) geothermal plants that are environmentally sustainable.

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of application identified in Italy

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realisable in the short term

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