A company at the forefront
in sustainable energy

The FRI-EL group is one of Italy’s leading producers of electricity from renewable sources (wind, biomass and biogas). The company supports local economies and communities by investing in sustainable energy projects that benefit thousands of Italian families and create jobs in the areas where they operate.

Through FRI-EL GEO, the group invested in the construction of geothermal power plants to address the increasing demand for renewable energy and to render Italy independent from other countries.


Development, design, and construction of geothermal plants

FRI-EL GEO specializes in research, development, design, and construction of geothermal power plants and the sale and distribution of electricity and heat derived from them.

FRI-EL GEO Kraftwerk

Study of the territory and location of the resource

Over the last two years, FRI-EL GEO has identified potential geothermal areas for installing extraction plans by collecting and analysing available geological, hydrogeological, geochemical, and structural studies, geophysical surveys, and stratigraphic data.


Construction and supervision of drilling

FRI-EL GEO collaborates with top companies in the industry to eliminate the construction risks associated with drilling activities and to optimize drilling prognoses and stratigraphy during the drilling phase.

FRI-EL GEO Arbeiter
Gruppenfoto des Arbeiterteams

Sale of energy and heat

Geothermal power plants guarantee a constant and, above all, sustainable supply to various urban centres in Northern and Central Italy that already have district heating networks, or have the predisposition, to connect geothermal plants. Through the medium-enthalpy closed-cycle geothermal plant coupled with an Organic Rankine Cycle (‘ORC’) system, it is possible to supply electricity without greenhouse gas emissions and with a high quantity forecast.