Feuer im Kamin

Emissions from stoves – the burning problem

Fireplaces are popular because they spread cozy warmth. At the same time, however, they are one of the largest sources of particulate matter. Should they still be promoted in the future? By Philipp Wundersee, WDR “It’s a great warmth,” says Uta Hartmann from Bergisch Gladbach. “With the stove in the living room, we really enjoy […]
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Nearly zero-energy buildings

The EU has proposed to move from the current nearly zero-energy buildings to zero-emission buildings by 2030. Nearly zero-emission building (NZEB) means a building that has a very high energy performance, while the nearly zero or very low amount of energy required should be covered to a very significant extent by energy from renewable sources, including […]
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Hochhäuser im Abendgrau

“Where there’s fire there’s smoke”: wood heating pollutes more

A European enviromental bureau study states that wood-based home heating accounts for about half of fine particulate and carbon black emissions within the European Union. The study, titled “Where there’s fire there’s smoke: emissions from home heating with wood,” was carried out by European Environmental Bureau (Eeb), Europe’s largest network of environmental organizations, along with […]
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